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From Student to Teacher - Josie Bolton

Josie Bolton is a 2018 Mayflower Alumni and is now serving as Mayflower’s 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher. Josie's journey with Mayflower Heritage Christian School has come full circle, as she returns as a dedicated teacher. Her decision to teach at Mayflower is deeply rooted in her own remarkable experiences as a student at the school.

Josie with her 3rd & 4th Grade Class

Josie's time as a student at Mayflower, from Kindergarten to Eighth grade, was marked by a profound sense of belonging. The close-knit Mayflower community felt like family, and she fondly recalls the kind and gracious hearts of her teachers, who nurtured both her spiritual and academic growth. Small class sizes, a positive learning environment, captivating chapel skits, enlightening field trips, specialized classes, and imaginative projects all left an indelible mark. Most importantly, she's grateful for the passionate teaching of the Word of God, which deepened her relationship with God over her nine years at MHCS.

As she progressed to high school at CHS, the difference in educational foundation became evident. While public schools prioritized intellectual development, Mayflower's approach was distinct in its focus on strengthening both the hearts and minds of students.

What truly motivated Josie to become a teacher were the profound impacts her MHCS teachers had on her life. She keenly observed how they demonstrated a deep love for the Lord, and their care for her spiritual and academic well-being left a lasting impression. This played a pivotal role in her decision to pursue a career in education, where she now aims to follow in the footsteps of her mentors and make a similar impact in the lives of her own students.

Josie's memories of her teachers at Mayflower remain vivid. Miss Dillinger's unwavering commitment to classroom rules, guided by biblical principles, instilled in her a sense of obedience to God's word. Mrs. Maitlen's joyful approach to teaching left her with the most joyful memories, and she knew Mrs. Maitlen always cared for her. Mr. Walker's structured classes and well-organized learning provided a valuable structure, while his creative teaching methods added an element of excitement. Mrs. Long's positivity and clarity in explanations, without making students feel silly, stood out. Lastly, Mrs. Tebbenkamp's kind-hearted dedication to each student's academic and personal growth was deeply appreciated.

In each of these educators, Josie found role models who exemplified a profound love for the Lord, and she's thankful for the lasting impact they've had on her life. As a teacher at Mayflower, she carries forward this legacy of care, dedication, and spiritual guidance to shape the lives of her students.

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