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Time with God, Time for Growth - Doryn Paup

Doryn graduated from Mayflower in 2019 and is now a senior at Creston Community High School.

How has Mayflower impacted you academically?

Academically, we were held to high standards. I felt prepared academically and spiritually to enter high school. A few of the biggest things that I took with me to high school were the ability to study and use my time wisely. I learned many different ways of efficiently studying for tests. Time management is such a big thing in high school and I felt very prepared with that element coming from Mayflower.

How did Mayflower help you in your walk with God?

I graduated from Mayflower with a strong faith foundation. We read our Bibles everyday, had chapel each Wednesday, and every subject was taught through a Christian worldview. I loved that no matter what time of the day it was, we could pause what we were doing to pray. We prayed every morning, before lunch, and at the end of the day, but there were always times before a test or when we just needed to slow things down and take a moment with God. In 7th & 8th grade we had so many opportunities to be servant leaders. We were the role models for the school and we knew the younger kids were always looking up to us in every way. We did a variety of service projects and helped others every chance we got. I am grateful for those opportunities because they taught me the importance of helping others and bringing joy to their lives.

How was your experience at Mayflower?

I had such a positive experience at Mayflower. I loved the school, the teachers, what I was taught, and all the friendships that were made. We had small class sizes which meant we had close knit friendships that still remain strong throughout high school and most likely will be life long friends! We went on many field trips that gave us a well rounded, hands on, learning experience!

Would you suggest parents send their children to Mayflower?

I would strongly suggest that parents send their children to Mayflower because there are so many great opportunities for them. They not only learn important academics, but they will learn how to walk with Christ, be a hard worker, how to be a good friend, and many other important life skills. I was taught to be a person of good character and to treat others how we would like to be treated. One of my biggest reasons for loving Mayflower so much was the teachers. They care for their students so much and make learning fun in every way they can. They had high expectations for us, but they still allowed us to be kids. They love Jesus and strive to instill in the students the love of Christ. I am so thankful for all the teachers who poured into me and helped me become the person I am today!

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