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Steps to Register

Step 2: 

Meet with classroom teacher

Step 3: 

Arrange a payment schedule 


Mayflower Heritage Christian School

Tuition and Fee Schedule 2024-2025  


Registration/Book/Curriculum Fee:

            The book/curriculum fee is $300 per student by May 3. (After May 3rd the fee is $330) 

            Please pay directly to Mayflower Heritage Christian School.

            Registration fee is nonrefundable.



                                   1st Child                    $390/ month for 10 months             $3,900/year due August 1

                                                                       $325/month for 12 months (June -May)




            A.  Pastor’s Tuition Discount – 10% per child


            B.  Multiple Children Enrolled Tuition Discount – 1st Child:  standard tuition

                                2nd – 6th child:          $310/month for 10 months  ($3,100/year by August 1)

            C. All new families may apply to receive 50% off the full tuition rate. Apply in school office.

            D. Present Mayflower students may apply to receive a needs-based scholarship. Information for that     

                 scholarship and how to apply, is found on the bottom of this page. 


One discount is available per family.   If you receive a scholarship from the school, this is regarded as your discount. 

Please note:  By August 1, tuition needs to be paid in full or your family needs to be registered on FACTS.  All registration and payment in full should be paid directly to the school;  604 E. Townline   Creston, IA 50801. 

         We utilize a company called FACTS for both tuition management and scholarship (Grant and Aid) applications. Applications are completed online.  FACTS tuition services must be used for all tuition payments that are not paid in full by August 1st of the school year.  Payments can be made in a ten month period (August-May) with the last payment due in May of the school year.  If you would like to do an 11 month (July-May) or 12 month (June – May) payment, contact April Lack at 575-635-8375 (you must be signed up by the 1st day of the payment month).  April can also answer questions about how to enroll in our FACTS payment system.  


For more information about Scholarships, look at the information under the Grants & Scholarships section on this page. 

To register with FACTS for monthly tuition payment plan, click on this link This will take you directly to the Mayflower application page.  

There will be a $50 application fee.

Returning families will be automatically rolled over in the enrollment process.  However the annual fee must be paid.

If you have any questions, click on the “contact FACTS” at the top of the screen or feel free to call the FACTS technical department at 1-866-441-4637.


This type of payment plan keeps our accounting simple and requires less time and money to maintain.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

Form Links:


Scholarships Application Procedure

(Grant and Aid)


Funds for scholarships are based on need.  Because we have a limited amount of scholarship money, please prayerfully consider what resources God may have for you to educate your children in a Christian School. We will communicate with you using the email address listed on your scholarship application.  Scholarship applications are due by May 3rd. You will be informed by May 17 if you will receive a scholarship.  



To begin the process:

  • Apply online by clicking the "Grand and Aid Application Link" above or click here 

  • Pay a $40 fee to the company

  • Turn in your registration fee to the school office.


If you need help you may call FACTS at (866) 441-4637


How scholarships are determined:

  • The scholarships will be awarded based on a needs-related formula

  • Scholarships will vary in amount and will be for partial tuition only

  • If you have extenuating circumstances, you should fill in the essay section on the facts grant and aid application.

  • You can call and discuss any questions with Joe Powers (641)344-1921 or Cindy Young (641) 344-4723 who are on our scholarship committee.

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