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The school is always seeking God's guidance in the direction it is going. Please join us in prayer for wisdom for the staff, and for all the students and family involved in the school. 

Follow Us:

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Mayflower is a non-profit organization striving to provide every family the opportunity to receive a Christian education. Your donations will help to make that possible. Click "Donate Now" below to help improve our Christian education. You can also donate through mailing a check to Mayflower Heritage Christian School, at 604 E Townline in Creston. 

Volunteer your time:

Mayflower is always in need of volunteers. Whether it be helping at lunch, watching the children play at recess,listening to them read, or volunteer to serve at one of our fundraisers, Mayflower needs your help! Please contact us if you are interested in serving along side us. 

Spread the word:

Let other families interested in a biblical based curriculum know about Mayflower and the amazing opportunities we provide. 

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